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Free GRE Practice Tests

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If you are shelling out huge sum of money for those GRE mock tests, we have great news for you. At you can take free GRE practice tests. These free GRE practice tests at our website cover all the subjects of the general GRE test. Our experts have compiled these questions of the free GRE practice tests on the basis of questions of the past years. So, by taking these practice tests you get an idea of the recent patterns of the GRE test. GRE being a computer adaptive test, you can effectively gain by taking the free GRE practice tests that are available at

At, we have practice tests on different subjects and sample tests based on the pattern and content of the GRE tests. In the following, we are presenting a brief overview of the various tests that are available at

Tests for the verbal section

  • Challenging Logic Reasoning Questions
  • Antonyms Exercise
  • GRE Comprehension

Tests for the quantitative sections

  • Number System Exercise
  • Number System Practice Exercise
  • Time & Distance Practice Exercise
  • Work Practice Exercise
  • Sample Questions for Quantitative Comparison

Apart from these section specific test questions, you can also download comprehensive tests or mock GRE tests from that include Percentage Practice Exercise, GRE Paper and GRE Test.

There are so many benefits of taking the online tests at Primarily these tests give an in sight of the test. As the GRE test is distinctively different from the usual tests that the students face at the college and university level, the first hand idea of the questions will boost the confidence level of the test takers and that will certainly add as an advantage. It will let the students feel comfortable when taking the actual test.

The most important aspect of the GRE test is that it is a computer adaptive test. The questions appear on the computer screen one by one and you will never get a second chance to review or correct an answer that you have already given. So, you need to be absolutely confident about the answers that you give. To attain this level of perfection, one needs to practice hard. The online tests at, can help you gain the concentration and confidence that will come handy when you take the actual test.

While taking the online practice tests at, you can judge the level of your preparation and identify the weak and strong areas. Based on this self-assessment, you will be able to plan your future course of study. It will ensure that you leave no weak areas in your preparation for the GRE test.

The best part of the free GRE practice tests at is that you can take the test online or you can even download some of the tests for further practice. So, to take these free GRE practice tests you need not even be online all the time. To get benefited from the GRE practice tests, just register at and start practicing with the test.

Ensure your success at the GRE test with the free GRE practice tests

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