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Group Discussion Topics

Know about the recent group discussion topics that are making rounds at the B-School entrance

Group discussion topics essentially depend on the objective of the group discussion. There is distinctive difference in the group discussion topics between group discussions for B-School selection, job interviews, selection for educational institutes other than management, and so on. Group discussion, which is an integral part of any B-School selection procedure, is aimed at testing the ability of the applicants to promptly think on a subject and clearly present his or her idea on the subject. This verbal test is also an effective way of judging the ability of the candidate to work in groups. In case of B-School entrance the group discussion topics are selected in such a way that these qualities of the test takers can clearly be judged.

In case of management entrance selection procedures, group discussion topics are chosen from varied areas like political issues, environmental issues, science related topics and practically from any source. It is indeed impossible to guess from which area the topic will be chosen, but it always helps when you are aware of the recent and ongoing topics of discussions. Though it is not expected that the students will have thorough information on the topic of discussion, it is surely a great help for the test takers if they are familiar with the issue that is being discussed. It always helps to form an opinion and present your ideas when you are aware of the issue.

Therefore at, we are providing an extensive collection of articles that deal in different topics for group discussions. We have provided list of topics that are categorically divided on the basis of subjects, type of entrance and educational institute where the test is being conducted. We have different list of probable GD topics for,

Apart from this probable list of GD topics, we have extensive collection of articles that provide in-depth in-sight into the minute details of group discussion. The articles deal with varieties of topics such as basic concepts of group discussion, objectives of the test takers in a GD, roles people play in a GD, guide for how to prepare for GD, general tips for group discussion, tips for how to contribute meaningfully in a GD, ways of entering a discussion and strategies for a successful GD.

Despite all these discussions, you should remember that the objective of the group discussions is not to judge the information that the students have on the group discussion topics but it is to judge the ability of the students to deal with the topic. The temperament and psychological poise of the test takers is of more importance than the information they share about the topics. So, just be confident about your abilities and free your mind from preconceived notions about an issue. Have an idea of the probable group discussion topics through and be prepared to take the test.

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