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Indian Institutes of Management or IIM as it is widely known, is a B-School in India. There are in fact six campuses of IIM, located at Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Lucknow, Indore and Kozhikode. The first IIM was established in Calcutta in the year 1961 to impart management education of international standard in India. Today IIMs are the most elite B-Schools in India with varied activities in the field of management including business education, research, and consultancy. IIM offers two years post graduate diploma courses in management that is equivalent to the MBA degree and regarded as a prestigious management degree all over the world. Apart from this flagship program Indian Institutes of Management also offer short-term management programs that are designed to enhance the management skills of executives from diverse areas of management. The fellowship programs in management of the IIMs that is equivalent to PhD. are also renowned all over the world for highest standards of management research. The institutes also conduct research and consultancy to help the non-corporate and under-managed sectors, like agriculture, rural development, public systems management, energy, health, education and so on.

Indian Institutes of Management was established by the Government of India with an aim of identifying the brightest talents in the country and educate them with the best available management techniques of global standards. After the first IIM was established in Kolkata more than half a century ago, now Indian Institutes of Management stands for excellence in management education that is at par with the best of the best in the Global scale. Students of this elite institution have enriched the managerial power of the enterprises throughout the world, government bodies and contributed effectively in the growth Indian economy. Not deflecting from its ideals IIM is playing the leadership role in the field of management education in India with research and consultancy services to cater to various fields of industry and non-organised sectors. Indian Institutes of Management as a leader of business education in India also functions as a role model, mentor and guiding force of other B-Schools in the country.

Being a premiere institution in management education there is no wonder that Indian Institutes of Management tops the list of priority of aspiring management students all over India and from abroad as well. Therefore there is no doubt that the selection procedure of the Indian Institutes of Management for its 1250 graduate programs in management at its six campuses is the toughest in the country. The selection process comprises of three stages including the Common Admission Test that is the written examination and the minimum requisite to apply to the IIM. CAT is conducted by one of the IIMs every year in rotation. The final selection is based on the group discussion and personal interview that is conducted by each of the IIMs for preparing their individual merit list.

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