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An online mock test prepares you for the real challenges of the competitive examinations

At, we have different options for taking online mock test for varieties of competitive examinations. These competitive examinations are designed to select the best of the best candidates and therefore these test are quite different from those tests that we give at the college or even at University level. As there is no pass marks is allotted in these examinations and institutions do not declare the cut off marks of the previous years, you never know what score is the guarantee to get the desired position. Therefore, it is evident that to attain success in the competitive examinations, you need to work really hard and prepare for the examination. In this context an online mock test can help a student in many ways than one. Before we start discussing the exclusive benefits of the online mock test let us first consider the plus points of the mock test as it is.

Mock test are like the dress rehearsals for the stage shows. In mock tests, content and pattern of the mock test questions are strictly according to the pattern of the actual test. Here we are presenting the benefits of talking a mock test.

  • While answering the questions in a mock test students can review their knowledge of the subjects that eventually helps them in answering the questions in the actual examination. By taking the mock tests a student can judge the weak and strong areas of his or her preparation and that helps them to plan their future studies.

  • While answering the questions in a mock test a student can have an idea of the time management. It will help them to complete the question paper in the examination that is important for success.

  • With a mock test, the students get a first hand experience in a real life environment of the examination hall. This experience prepares a student mentally to take a test.

These are the benefits of the mock tests and online mock tests have all these benefits with some added advantages.

  • A student can take online mock tests at any time of the day and from anywhere in the world.

  • An online mock test is especially effective for computer-based tests like GMAT and TOEFL.

  • Another distinctive advantage of the online mock test is the cost factor. In most cases the online tests are offered free of cost and the student merely needs to register with the website that is offering the test.

At we are offering online mock tests for the following examinations that will help the students prepare.

  • GMAT - analogy test, sentence completion test, nouns test, algebra test and verbal-commas test.
  • TOEFL - structure tests, idioms test and written expression tests.
  • GRE - number system test and percentage test.
  • GATE - mechanical, computer science, electronics, IT.
  • CAT
  • SNAP
  • MAT
  • XAT
  • JMET
  • NMAT
  • FMS
  • CET

These are the online mock test options that you will get at Choose the one that you need and take your preparation to the level of perfection.

Take regular online mock test at to get an
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