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Personal Interview Questions

Make a list of probable personal interview questions and prepare yourself for the best

If you have ‘butterflies in your stomach' as soon as you heard the very word ‘interview' and think about the personal interview questions, it is high time that you overcome your phobia. Tension is a common symptom amongst the interview takers and there are different reasons behind this. But mostly the candidates have a cold feet thinking about all sorts of probable personal interview questions and the fear of failing in the interview. This tension or fear in fact do not help in the process and reduce the level of confidence that cause the candidate to give wrong answers to the known personal interview questions. So, before you go for an interview, make sure to keep a cool head about the outcome of the interview and stop speculating about the personal interview questions that you might face.

To help the potential interview takers, we at have an extensive section dedicated to interview preparation. In this section, we have discussed various aspects of interview that eventually help the interview takers in preparing for the interview. The first point that all the interview takers should consider is the purpose of the interview. The type of questions and aim of each interview differs from the other and objective of the interview is the deciding factor in this. An interview for the selection of an eligible candidate of an educational institute and a job is bound to be different. In the same way the selection of a candidate for a management course and an acting course will require a different set of interview questions. Similarly the interview for appointing a management trainee and a CEO will be distinctively different.

So, the deciding factor is always the objective of the interview and this is the reason we have categorically divided the management school interviews and dealt with them in details. We have extensive collection of articles that will shed light on important topics like interview preparation, interview etiquettes, tips on how to impress for success in an interview, examples of top b-school personal interview, major reasons for rejection in an interview, things you should not do at an interview, ten things that an interviewer looks in you and so on. These articles are of immense help and even a casual reading will let you know the fine points of ensuring success in interviews.

Apart from the exhaustive collection of these information rich articles, we have also provided an array of articles that deal with the interview questions at different management institutes. In fact we have provided actual questions asked in interviews, arranged according to the respective management institutes and academic stream of interviewees. The list spans interviews over 3 calendar years and include premiere institutes like IIM-Ahmedabad, IIM-Bangalore, IIM Calcutta, IIM-Lucknow, IIM-Kozikode and IIM-Indore.

These examples of real personal interview questions asked at the best management institutes in India will definitely help you prepare for your personal interview. Browse through the probable personal interview questions at to take the interview with confidence and ensure your success.

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